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Small Grant Requests

Effective January 1st the Foundation will be accepting a shortened application process for project requests under $25,000. For this size project the following information is requested. (Please submit 2 copies) These requests are limited to one per calendar year.

  1. Organization Information:
    1. Cover letter indicating Board support of the request signed by Board Chair
    2. Mission and/or Vision statements
    3. Brief description of current programs
    4. Organization chart and board roster
    5. IRS determination letter indicating 501(c)3 status
    6. Most recent financial statements including a balance sheet and income and expenses comparted to budget
  2. Proposed Project Information:
    1. Description of project
    2. Statement validating the need for the project
    3. Description of target population & how they will be positively impacted
    4. Key staff and/or volunteers responsible for the project
    5. Three competitive bids for capital projects
    6. Amount requested of San Angelo Health Foundation
    7. Contact person’s information