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Message from Our Chairman

The San Angelo Health Foundation was established in 1995 with a corpus of $44 million, with the stated mission: To enhance the quality of life for the people of the San Angelo area.  The Foundation’s board strives diligently to meet this goal.  Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded 693 grants totaling over $51 million to 206 organizations and entities in the Concho Valley region.  At the same time, through careful investing and exercising fiduciary responsibility, the Foundation currently retains significant assets of $60 million.  In other words, to date, the Foundation has given away more money than it had when it began, and yet the Foundation still has net assets well in excess of what it had when it started.  Incredible.

The Foundation’s focus includes traditional health concerns, but its wide vision also extends beyond San Angelo and beyond the narrow limits of strict health issues.  The Foundation’s voluntary board of dedicated civic leaders has a broad view of health.  We believe that, in addition to medical needs, the health of a community also benefits from economic, educational, social, and cultural opportunities.  Thus, we have assisted with grants that address health care providers, mental health facilities, and substance abuse treatment, but we have also funded the arts, projects for the needy, youth activities, and emergency responders.  Members of our volunteer board take our stewardship responsibilities seriously, and we carefully and thoroughly examine and discuss each grant application before deciding whether to commit Foundation resources toward a given project. 

The fingerprints of the Foundation’s influence can be found in the Stephens Public Library, the Performing Arts Center, the Art Museum, Angelo State University, Howard College, City of San Angelo municipal projects, West Texas Boys Ranch, Mosaic, House of Faith, in children’s playgrounds and shelters, in substance abuse facilities, in area hospitals and care facilities, and in mental health organizations throughout the area, to highlight only a few.  Each project enhances the quality of life for those concerned.

Grant applications span the spectrum from modest to millions.  Each is taken seriously.  The Foundation has approved grants ranging from less than $5,000 to grants in excess of a million dollars.  We believe that each grant has made a positive impact on the needs of the communities in our region.  That is our goal and the goal of the Foundation. 

The San Angelo Health Foundation has existed for more than twenty years.  Its mission has only just begun.  The Foundation was created and established to continue for generations into the future, long after the work of those who serve today.  We operate the Foundation with that long range vision and mission in mind.

Marilyn Aboussie

Chairman of the Board of Trustees