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Application Guidelines

APPLICATION PROCESS                                                                                              

Applicants are asked to submit proposals a minimum of three to four months prior to the time funds are needed, and as early as possible, to provide staff the opportunity to adequately research and become familiar with the proposal. Decisions of the Trustees will be made quarterly.

Two copies of the entire proposal should be submitted.

Applicants will be informed, in writing, that their proposal has been received at the Foundation. Any incomplete proposals will be held pending receipt of the missing information.

Foundation staff will review and evaluate requests before they are presented to the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees does not wish to entertain oral presentations from applicants. It would not be appropriate for applicants to contact individual Trustees regarding a grant proposal.

After the grant review process, applicants will be informed in writing of the decision of the Trustees.

Applicants whose proposals have been approved receive a letter of agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the grant. After an authorized organization official has signed and returned the letter to the foundation office, thereby indicating acceptance of the terms and conditions, a schedule of grant payments is arranged to the mutual satisfaction of the Foundation and recipient.

It is not feasible for the Foundation staff or Trustees to discuss with applicants the reasons for declining a request, and the Foundation staff does not provide critiques of proposals.


The Foundation will look for the following conditions in a proposal:

  • The need for the proposed project
  • The quality of the project plan
  • The project's innovative and efficient use of funds
  • The existence of a collaborative network that would leverage and multiply the impact of the grant
  • The potential for success as defined by the objective of the project itself and as indicated by the capabilities of the applicant organization
  • The probability of the proposed project's continuance at the end of the grant period
  • The degree to which the Foundation's support would be vital to the proposed project's success
  • The impact on both the overall community and the project's target population



The grant application is divided into three parts:

  1. Organization Information
  2. Proposed Project Information
  3. Supporting Information

The Foundation does not have a standard application form. In general, the form is less important than its content. We ask that you include the information listed below in the order it is requested. Please submit the two copies, preferably on 8" x 11" paper. Elaborate presentations are discouraged. All materials submitted remain the property of the San Angelo Health Foundation.

  1. Organization Information
    1. Mission and Goal statement
    2. Summary of organization's history
    3. Brief description of current programs and past accomplishments
    4. Organization chart (both Staff and Board)
    5. Board roster (include occupations and/or community affiliations) and how many times each year the Board meets
    6. List the amount and source of income of the organization for each of the past three years
    7. Bylaws
  2. Proposed Project Information
    1. Description of the project
    2. A statement validating the need for the project (If statistics or opinions are included, the source or reference should be cited.)
    3. Description of target population and how they will be positively impacted
    4. Geographic area of project
    5. List of goals and objectives of the project
    6. List of corresponding action steps to accomplish goals and objectives (include dates)
    7. Description of your evaluation process: 
      1. Expected results during the funding period
      2. How you'll define and measure success
      3. How the project's results will be used and/or disseminated
    8. Implementation schedule
    9. Other organizations participating in the project and their roles (include contact name and phone number)
    10. Other local groups doing similar or related work, and your linkages with them
    11. List of names, qualifications, i.e. resumes, and job descriptions of key staff and volunteers responsible for the project
    12. Long-term strategies for funding this project at the end of the grant period
    13. Contact person regarding this project
    14. Three competitive bids are requested for capital projects
  3. Support Information
    1. Cover letter indicating organization's full Board support signed by the Board Chair
    2. IRS determination letter indicating 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, and that the Organization is not a private foundation as defined in Section 509(a)
    3. Finances: 
      1. The following bullets outline our audit requirement guidelines:
        • If gross annual receipts are under $50,000 an audit is not required.
        • If gross annual receipts are under $200,000 and total assets are less than $500,000 then a CPA review, audit or in certain cases a CPA compiled financial statement together with an agreed upon procedure testing internal controls, is required. 
        • If gross annual receipts are over $200,000 and total assets are over $500,000 then an independent audit is required. 
      2. Most recently filed IRS Form 990, including Schedule A and all supporting schedules
      3. Interim financial statements which include a balance sheet and income and expenses compared to budget from the time of the last audit to present
      4. Income and expense budget of your project proposal 
      5. List amounts requested of other foundations, government, corporations and other funding sources to which this proposal has been submitted and their response to date
      6. Amount requested of San Angelo Health Foundation
    4. Letters of support (optional)
    5. Annual report (if available) 



A shortened application process has been established for project requests of $25,000 or less. For this size project the following information is requested. These requests are limited to one per calendar year. Please submit 2 copies of your application.

  1. Organization Information:
    1. Cover letter indicating Board support of the request signed by Board Chair
    2. Mission and/or Vision statements
    3. Brief description of current programs
    4. Organization chart and board roster
    5. IRS determination letter indicating 501(c)(3) status
    6. Most recent financial statements including a balance sheet and income and expenses compared to budget
  2. Proposed Project Information:
    1. Description of project you're asking us to fund
    2. Statement validating the need for the project
    3. Description of target population & how they will be positively impacted
    4. Key staff and/or volunteers responsible for the project
    5. Project Budget
    6. Three competitive bids for capital projects
    7. Amount requested of San Angelo Health Foundation
    8. Contact person’s information (please include email and physical address for contact person)