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Grant Guidelines

APPLICATION PROCESS                                                                                              

Applicants are asked to submit proposals a minimum of three to four months prior to the time funds are needed, and as early as possible, to provide staff the opportunity to adequately research and become familiar with the proposal. Decisions of the Trustees will be made quarterly.

Please click HERE to apply. The Foundation is geographically restricted to the Concho Valley. Click HERE for a helpful tutorial. 

Applicants will be informed by email that their proposal has been received at the Foundation. Any incomplete proposals will be held pending receipt of the missing information.

Foundation staff will review and evaluate requests before they are presented to the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees does not wish to entertain oral presentations from applicants. It would not be appropriate for applicants to contact individual Trustees regarding a grant proposal.

After the grant review process, applicants will be informed in writing of the decision of the Trustees.

Applicants whose proposals have been approved will receive an email with instructions on how to review and sign their grant agreement. After an authorized organization official has signed and returned the letter to the foundation office, thereby indicating acceptance of the terms and conditions, a schedule of grant payments is arranged to the mutual satisfaction of the Foundation and recipient.

It is not feasible for the Foundation staff or Trustees to discuss with applicants the reasons for declining a request, and the Foundation staff does not provide critiques of proposals.


The Foundation will look for the following conditions in a proposal:
  • The need for the proposed project
  • The quality of the project plan
  • The project's innovative and efficient use of funds
  • The existence of a collaborative network that would leverage and multiply the impact of the grant
  • The potential for success as defined by the objective of the project itself and as indicated by the capabilities of the applicant organization
  • The probability of the proposed project's continuance at the end of the grant period
  • The degree to which the Foundation's support would be vital to the proposed project's success
  • The impact on both the overall community and the project's target population